Automated Certified Payroll 2020 (Sage 50 US Edition)

With Automated Certified Payroll, you get a weekly certified statement showing the amount paid to each employee.
Are You Compliant?

Worried about Staying Legally Compliant?

The Davis-Bacon Act, passed many years ago, requires that any employee working on a construction project where federal funds are involved must be paid a sum equal to or, in excess of, “Local Prevailing Wage.” The United States Department of Labor has established “Local Prevailing Wage” for all parts of the United States. To verify that this requirement has been met, the employer must weekly file a report certifying to such fact and showing the payroll data for each employee who worked on the project during the given week.

Spend Too Much Time?

Spending Too Much Time on Certified Payroll Reporting?

That report is a long series of very small boxes. Getting the required information from Sage 50 and filling in those blanks is a long tedious chore. Many clients have reported that they just get one week done when they must start all over again preparing the next report. That makes the constant weekly reporting requirement very expensive to satisfy. iBrain’s Automated Certified Payroll program reduces reporting time to minutes.

Have Sage 50?

Do You Use Sage 50 US Edition?

To automate the creation of this report, Automated Certified Payroll retrieves from Sage 50 all of the information required by the Department of Labor to meet the requirements of the Davis-Bacon Act including: Employee’s Name and Address, Employee’s Social Security Number, Withholding Exemptions, Work Classifications, hours worked, total hours, rate of pay, including fringe benefits, gross amount earned deductions and net wages paid for that week.

iBrain Automates Reporting!

Automated Certified Payroll Gets Your Reporting Done!

Automated Certified Payroll then creates the Department of Labor report filing in each required blank. It also prints the required accompanying Statement of Compliance ready for signature and filing. Thus preparation time is dramatically reduced and the chance of errors is eliminated.

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