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Unfortunately, email services(for ex: name@businessname.com) aren't included by default for the  sites created with SSDPage Builder(https://builder.ssdpage.com)

Step 1: To enable email services for your sites built with SSDPage Builder, you need to buy one of our Cpanel hosting plans from here: https://ssdpage.com/pricing 

Special Promo for  SSDPage Builder users: Order the "Premium" plan at $5 for the first year. Use coupon code "builder5premium" during checkout

Step 2: On successful signup, you'll receive a welcome email titled "[SSDPage] New Account Information" which will contain your cpanel logins. Note them down for your future reference.

Step 3: Change the nameservers of the domain(s)(where you want to setup email) to the nameservers as mentioned in the welcome email

Step 4: As a final step, goto Cpanel->Zone Editor and click on "Manage" next to your domain:

a. Remove the "A" & "Cname" records for your "domain.com" and "www.domain.com" respectively
Add an A record for your "domain.com", with the value of

Add a  'www.domain.com' CNAME, with the value of imxprs.herokuapp.com

Step 5: Now goto Cpanel->Email Accounts and add any number of email addresses you want to use.

Step 6:  By ordering the cpanel hosting "premium plan", you can enable email srevices for three other addon-domains (yourbuiness2.com, yourbusiness3.com...) apart from your primary domain(that you used in Step 1 during order process). 

To enable email services on your addon domains, add that addon domain inside "Cpanel->Addon Domains" and repeat the process from Step 3

If you need one of our support technicians to perform this setup, please kindly email support@ssdpage.com after completing step 1(i.e ordering a cpanel hosting plan).


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