iBrain Software (for Sage 50 US Edition)

Software to Automate Business Report Creation
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Through Automated Certified Payroll, you get a weekly certified statement showing the amount paid to each employee. In addition to payroll services, we offer expert business class technical support. Our experts are available to help so you can focus on your business.

Automated direct deposit seamlessly pulls payroll information from Sage 50 and reformats it to the NACHA format required by all financial institutions that accept direct deposit of payroll files. This is a one-time cost and not a service.

E-File W-2 automates the preparation of the annual W-2 report for filing with the Social Security Administration and/or the relevant states. There is also a “lite” version for employers with as few as one to as many as 249 W-2 employees.

E-File 1099-MISC automates the preparation of the 1099-MISC report ready for filing with the Internal Revenue Service, which is requiring more and more businesses to e-file 1099-MISC. It reports rents, royalties, and other items.