Need Remote Desktop Support?

If you use one of our accounting software products, we can easily help fix installation problems or configuration issues.

STEP 1: Download remote desktop software
This is super easy. Click the Download button to download the support software

STEP 2: Run the remotesupport.exe download
Once the remotesupport.exe is downloaded, you can double click on it to run it on your PC.
STEP 3: If prompted, Allow Access to Remote Assistant
After running the program, Windows Defender may ask you to allow access to Remote Assistant. Click the Allow Access button as shown below.

STEP 4: Provide us your Computer ID and Pin
Once the Remote Assist program is running on your PC, you'll need to provide the two numbers shown below to an iBrain support person. Call us at 800-322-4650 or email us at DO NOT give these codes to anyone else.