Automated Direct Deposit 2020 (Sage 50 US Edition)

With Automated Direct Deposit, you get extracted payroll data from Sage 50 that can be easily submitted to your bank for direct deposit processing.
No More Monthly Fees

Tired of paying ongoing direct deposit service fees?

Service providers like Sage and banking institutions charge you per direct deposit transaction. These costs can mount up.

Have Sage 50?

Do You Use Sage 50 US Edition?

Automated Direct Deposit extracts payroll data from Sage 50 and reformats the data to the required NACHA specifications. It then creates a file ready to electronically send to the employer’s bank. The bank deducts gross payroll from the employer’s account and deposits the proper amounts directly to the accounts of those employees who are also customers of that bank, while wire transferring funds to the respective banks of the other employees.


Automated Direct Deposit Highlights

Split Deposit to Multiple Banks

A given employee’s payroll sum may be split among an unlimited number of banks and accounts

Split Deposit by Amount or Percentage

Employee deposits may be split by dollar amount or by percentage

Turn On/Off Direct Deposit by Employee

Ability to skip an employee desiring to receive a payroll check but not withdraw from direct deposit participation

Export ACH File for Banks

Payroll is performed in Sage50 as usual and, (after printing checks on blank paper for participating employees), Automated Direct Deposit extracts necessary payroll data of employees participating in direct deposit and reformats that data to meet the NACHA requirements. A transfer file is then created for submission as required by the employer’s bank

Employees Not Required to Participate

There is no requirement that all employees participate in the direct deposit program and in the event a participating employee is for any reason not included in a given payroll, Automate Direct Deposit automatically skips that employee

Voided Checks

Easily handles voided checks

Easy Employee Maintenance

Employee information is entered only once unless there are changes or additions

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