Michael Max

Neil Mathews is my secret weapon when it comes to WordPress. He has pulled the charred, smoking wreckage of my website from the digital jaws of death on more than one occasion. Mostly because I know just enough about WP to be a danger to myself, and tend to blow it up at rather inopportune moments. Neil is always there when the smoke alarms go off and the databases on my server are spinning themselves into a state of frenzy.

He’s your man, and not for the these kinds of emergencies either. Neil has helped me with thinking through the design of websites, helped me to thoughtfully work through some development projects, and has done the heavy lifting of site creation and migration so I can focus on my core business and not cause myself more mischief by tinkering around in the bowels of WordPress where I really don’t belong.

Neil has the rare combination of mad geeky computer skills, great sense of humor, and reliable follow through. Plus he understands us small business people and entrepreneurs, how we think and how we work. I know that whenever I have a problem it will get fixed quickly, properly and at a fair price. I also know that I can depend on Neil for sage advice on project management and development if computers and the Internet are in the picture. He truly is my secret weapon. He should be yours too!