My Adsense For RSS Trial – The Results

A few days ago I wrote about the trial I was interested in conducting on RSS advertising.  Adding Google adsense to your RSS feed has been around for some time now, but no-one is saying how well it performs as they do with on-site Adsense.

This post is the result of my great RSS experiment.

My One Word Conclusion


My Thought On RSS Advertising

People taking RSS subscriptions are pretty tech savvy and they want to read content not respond to advertising messages.  I think people are ad blind and not interested in clicking on the offers put before them.

I think you need a large number of subscribers and some compelling ads (perhaps graphical ads) to get the clicks required to make this worthwhile.

There are bloggers in my RSS reader who use RSS advertising, but I have never clicked on an ad what about you?


I have a modest RSS following, and the ads have had a relatively large number of impressions, I was expecting some action, let me give you the numbers …

It is against the rules of the adsense program to discuss your earnings but since I earned nothing I am happy to report my income was zero.  No clicks no cents nada zip.

Drop Of Subscribers

As I said I think people are indifferent to the ads, my subscription rate has continued to gently climb, there has been no drop off of subscribers that I have noticed.

People just don’t care about the ads.

Moving Forward

<shrugs shoulders> I don-know I’m indifferent about it all.  I don’t think there will be an impact if I remove the ads or leave them there.  My spidey senses are saying get rid of the ads in case   I alienate anyone into unsubscription.

Please leave me some comments before apathy on the subject overtakes me completely 🙂

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