Blogging With The WordPress iPhone App

As part of my holiday blogging efforts I decided to write a blog post 100% with the WordPreas iPhone app.

You can download the WordPress app from your App Store of choice there is an iOS and android version.

Writing Experience

As you would expect the writing experience is the same as writing a text message.

If you have young nimble fingers, used to sending large amounts of mobile text, you will be able to quickly knock out a blog post.

This correspondent's fat middle age thumbs are not as Rapide as they could be but I'm coping writing this post.

Personally give me a keyboard for anything over a short form post like this one.

Adding Images

You can post images from your camera which is a huge benefit for personal bloggers.

You can add them inline and also save a featured post image.

I'm in a water park as I write this so here is a random image of my kids.

I'm going to download an image from compfight save that to my phone and add it as a featured image.

Error correction

Something really positive is the predictive text editing as my fat man fingers mash out this post, it's correcting as I go I've not had to type an apostrophe yet.

When I create a typo the content is underlined, tap on it to correct.


If your theme has features that need to be set from the editor you cannot do that from the app, it's completely theme agnostic.

It also ignores any plugins you have that add posts options, for example I use Yoast SEO to set my post options, I'll have to wait until I get home to optimise this.

The menu was not very intuitive and I had to google how to add HTML for the image credit at the bottom of the post.

People get really stroppy if you don't camel back WordPress but the app does not pick that up just saying some I don't plan to correct those typos.

Wrap Up – WordPress iPhone app

The app has surpassed my expectations, I've written a decent enough length post from my phone and yet another shackle of desktop work has been shed.

If you need help with your WordPress site please request a quote when I get back on the 5th 😀

Photo Credit: imherbsoap Flickr via Compfightcc

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