Another Hacked WordPress Site!

Whilst working on a client site recently, fixing some theme issues, I stumbled upon some dubious code, the site had been hacked.

This is not a one-off occurance, I see sites that have been hacked on an all too regular basis.

I have had site owners coming to me worried or embarrased by the hack attack.

I have found that sites are hacked and the owners has no idea there is a problem.

I have had enough of this.

Enough is Enough, It’s Time To Secure Your Sites

I have created a new service to ensure that your site is not another victim of  the hackers out there.

I will review your current installation and prepare a detailed report showing where the security flaws are, and how to fix them.

Why Target WordPress

WordPress is not inherently insecure, rather it is a victim of it’s own success.

There are millions of WordPress sites out there, and many are run by people with little or no IT security training.

This combination means hackers put a lot of effort into finding vulnerabilities in WordPress and targeting these sites for their attacks.

Whats In The Report

Upon completion of the review, I will pass you a pdf report of my findings.  It will incliude:

  • Areas where your security needs to be tightened
  • The reason why this is an issue
  • A detailed description on how to fix this issue and remove the security loophole

Making The Technical Changes

I will also include a quote for wordpress serivce to fix all of the issues I find, just in case you are not interested in doing the technical work yourself.

How Much Is The Review?

The review comes at a fixed fee of $197.

Get On The Waiting List

I am pretty sure this is going to be a very popular service, so book now using the form below to get your review.

I will be offering this service on a first come first service basis.

UPDATE This has been moved to my consulting pages https://ibraininc.com/wordpress-consulting-services/wordpress-security-audit

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