Multi Language Website Readiness Review

I’m offering a new service called the “Multi Language Website Readiness Review” and I want to tell you more about this service and why it can help people thinking about building a multi language website.

What Is It?

This service is part consultation, part technical review of your website.

I will book a Skype call with you to discuss your potential multi language website build, get details of your project and an understanding of your problems.

I’ll ask for access to your current website to technically review it and see if you are ready for a site that can support multiple languages.

Is This Service For Me?

This service is for people considering building a multi language website.

You have a problem in your business that needs your website to support multiple languages it could be:

  • Expansion into a new territory
  • Making your site more usable for existing clients in different countries/territories
  • Statutory Requirement to make your site multi lingual

If this is you then the service can really help.

What WIll I Get?

The output of this consultation and technical review is a detailed report.  The areas I will cover are:

  • Can your current infrastructure work with multi language, do you need to invest in new technology?
  • Cost benefits analysis, will the investment in development create at least a x2 return on that investment?
  • Detailed breakdown of the investment cost to implement a multi language website?

You also get the consulting call where you can pick my brains about multi languages websites.  This is a two way consulting call, not just me collecting details of your project.  If you have any questions or concerns about supporting multiple languages, prepare them for our call.

Why Do I Need A Readiness Review?

I’ve created this low cost service so people can get a real feel for the investment they need to make to build a multi language website.

Many clients I work with greatly underestimate the work and requirements for this type of site, use this entry level service to avoid costly mistakes down the line.

The areas people are not aware of are

  • Infrastructure – do I need new coding or hosting
  • Translation costs, many people have no idea what professional translators costs, and how much content they have.
  • Development costs to make a website work with multiple languages.
  • On-going costs, websites are not static, how can you keep your site up to date in all languages.
  • Hidden costs, what happens when I start to get lots of new leads from customers using foreign languages.


This service is a fixed price package of GBP 99.00

Book A Review

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