Proving Your Credentials Through Your Blog

Your cannot move on the Internet at the minute without the word authority or trust popping up. Using blog posts to prove your credentials or authority in a particular niche is a great way to build your business.

What’s The Problem?

If you work over the net delivering goods or services, there is a chance that your clients will never meet you except via emails or possibly telephone calls.  You need to have some social proof that you can do what you say you can do.

Your clients will be handing over their cash to a total stranger in exchange for your goods or services.  They need proof you are qualified to deliver on your sales copy’s promise.

This is where blogging comes in, if you can write an in-depth blog post about a topic in your niche that solves peoples problems there is a good chance that you can do it for real for them too as part of your service offering.

Writing Blog Post To Prove You Have the Stuff

To prove your credentials through your blog you need to write a lot of blog posts on your subject which can solve peoples problems.  This is important, it’s not about writing blog posts which market your service, it’s about writing blog posts that help people solve a problem for free in the hope that you can prove you have the stuff to help them in the future.

Use Tools to Market Your Posts

Once you have written your post, if  you market that article correctly, you can get other people to sing your praises . This (often informal) testimonial again proves you have the stuff.  This can be in the form of a link to your blog post, re-publishing your content, voting on social media such as Digg or re-tweeting your blog post on Twitter.

My particular preference is to market my blog posts on twitter, the type of testimonial I am looking for is a re-tweet.  This is an informal testimonial but it gets my name in front of an audience who may not know about my WordPress expertise.

Check out my post on how I market my blog posts on twitter.

The Search Engines Want To Link To Authorities

The job of the search engines is to provide the most authoritative result to any particular search query.  Writing an excellent blog post which generates links and traffic is a good way to get Google and Co to see you as an authority.

Blog posts are particularly well suited to rank on search engines because of the density of keywords that can be placed in a post and the ease of tweaking SEO configurations on WordPress means it is relatively easy to make your blog posts rank well.

Getting on the first page of Google is yet more excellent social proof that you know your subject inside out.

Wrap Up

Write in-depth about your professional niche to prove your credentials and show you are an authority in your subject.  If done well this is excellent social proof to potential clients that you know your stuff.

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