I’m A Raving Fan Of WishList Member

The name of the game when you run an online business is trust and establishing yourself as an authority in your niche.  When you work over the net as I do, chances are you will never see the people you are doing business with, most of the communication is via email, IM, Twitter or on the odd occasion via a telephone (you remember the thing on your desk that makes a noise, no not your iPod the other thing, yes that’s the one).

One of the ways I do this is to over deliver when supplying my WordPress services, it makes people talk about you and  you establish a reputation as someone client focused, not just in it for a quick buck. People give you testimonials, tweet about you, tell their friends link to your site and all of that good word of mouth for the Internet age stuff.

With that in mind I am going to rave about the customer service I have just received from the tech support team at  WishList Products.

I am using their membership site plugin to power the WordPress Owners Club, and I was having an issue when potential members were returned from Paypal, it was not registering their details correctly and giving people access t0 their content.  A potential show stopper for me.

I dropped a tech support request onto their ticketing system, and I was very quickly given various support steps to try.  None of these worked. I was then passed an incredibly detailed step by step( with videos and screen dumps) document to work through,  The effort that has gone into the support docs of WishList Products is very high indeed.

Again none of this worked, the final solution, talk about going the extra mile, they requested login details and did a review of my configuration.  They gave me a suggestion, which I implemented and which fixed my problem. I hasten to add it was a clash with another plugin not a bug with WishList member.

The bells and whistles on teh sales page make you buy the product, but quality after sales support make you go out of your way to sing the praises of a company from the rooftop or in my case write a blog post.

If you are interested in creating a membership site with WordPress wishlist member is my recommended solution, it has all of the features you could need from a membership site solution

  • Integration with payment processors
  • Integration with email list
  • Time released content protection
  • Multiple levels of membership and updating of members to those levels
  • The list goes on.

I could have been supplied lack lustre support, dug into the code, and figured it out myself, and come away with a neutral or negative opinion about Wishlist Products, but now I am a raving fanboy.

Check Out WishList Member NOW!!

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