Translate To Show You Care

I was in discussions with a client about building out their multi language website. We were talking about why he wanted to serve up his site in multiple languages and his answer really struck a chord with me and I wanted to share it with you.

The Normal Reasons to Translate

The two usual reasons people translate their sites are.

1) To increase the reach of their sales

By translating your content, it makes it easier to make sales as people can understand the benefits and features in their own language.

2) They have to due to legal requirements

Certain countries force website owners to host their sites in multiple languages, certain Canadian states and UK based government sites have to have a Welsh language option.

I Want To Show We Care – Translate To Show You Care

My clients reason was very different, he told me that most of his clients speak excellent English, but he wanted to:

Show we care enough about them to translate into their language

I’ve filed that away as an example of excellent customer service.  This client is going to the length and expense of translating their site just to show they care for their clients (and potential clients) who have English as a second language.

English is the Lingua Franca of international business, most people speak and read it, but translating into other languages can show you care.

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