Poll: What Is Your WordPress Expertise Level

It is very important for every blog owner to be in-tune with their readers, are you pitchng your blog posts at the correct level and interest of your average reader?

With this in mind, every now and again I like to poll you the readers of this blog to make sure I am pitching my posts at the correct level, I want to run that poll again to find out what the majority of readers class their expertise in WordPress at.

If you could take the time to quickly click on your level it will help me to write future blog posts with you in mind.  If I am writing beginners guides, and most of you are code masters, then my blog needs to change direction,  or the other way if most of you class yourself as beginners, posts on writing plugins would not be appropriate.

If you are reading this from your RSS reader you will need to come over to the site, the url of this post is https://ibraininc.com/what-is-your-wordpress-level

Thanks for taking the time.

[poll id=”2″]

If you would like to know how to add a poll to your blog like this, I’ve written a post about it at https://ibraininc.com/adding-poll-blog

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