Blogging From Experience

I made a commitment to myself earlier this to only blog from experience.  What does that mean?  It means that everything you read here at ibraininc.com is something I’ve done.  No theory, no hypothetical situations, just things I really have experience with.

As a result I think my writing has improved, I think I can help you the reader and I’m definitely getting more feedback and shares when I blog from experience.

In this post I want to talk about what blogging from experience means to me.

People Want Real Not Hypothetical

I’ve been guilty in the past of blogging about things I’ve not tried, but things I’ve read about or know about in theory.  The trouble is people see through the fact you’ve not done it.  You cannot point to concrete things you have done and as a result I’ve found that those type of posts don’t resonate with people and I don’t get much feedback in the way of comments or share on social media.

Types Of Posts I’m Writing

I’m writing the following types of post now from my own experience:

Case studies – I write up real world problems I have solved on my own site or on my clients sites.

Plugin reviews – I’ve stopped writing plugin reviews for plugins I have not used for a prolonged period of time on my site.  In the past I’ve been guilty of writing plugin review for premium plugins I’ve only used for a very short time in the hope of chasing the dollar.  I cannot write about something I’ve not used in depth with any authority.

Online marketing strategies I have used on my own site – I love writing about online marketing, but I’ll only write about things I’ve tested here at ibraininc.com.  For example  I don’t  think I’ve ever written about any Facebook strategies here at ibraininc.com.  Why?  I don’t actively use Facebook  I don’t like the site very much in fact and I’m not interested in investing lots of marketing time there, contrary to what the social media gurus tell me.  So no real experience, no blog posts about FB.

People Want Real World Scenarios

People want actionable information, not fluff and theory.  They want to follow step by step processes that are know to work (in my opinion anyway).  They want to be follow the example of someone who has done what they want to do and has real world results.

There Is A Lot Of Stuff Out There

There are millions of blogger out there all vying for attention, all spinning the same yarn,  the only way I can see to differentiate myself is by telling my own personal story from my own personal experience.

What’s the point in adding to the info din unless it is with information you can stand behind?

Are You Blogging From Experience?

Are you telling your real story or faking it till you make it?

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