Creating Blog Posts Using Gravity Forms

One of the really useful features of gravity forms is the ability to create content in WordPress from a form on the front end of your site.

I’ve created a video tutorial to show you how to create a form that will collect data and create a blog post.

Why Would You Want To Create Content With A Form

The simple answer is user generated content.  This allows you to collect data from site visitors without giving them login access to your website.


Here are some examples of collecting user generated content:

News site – one of my clients runs a local news site for a small town.  She has a form on her site which allows local residents to submit stories, they are saved as draft, to run through an editorial process.

Mountain Climbing site – this client allows climbers to submit routes, they are assigned to categories such as state, difficulty.  He allows images to be uploaded, this content is then submitted to a database of climbs throughout the US.

Testimonials – I use this technique on ibraininc.com to collect client testimonials.  The client submits a form with hopefully glowing praise at ibraininc.com/add-testimonial it is added to the testimonial custom posts types as a draft, I then review and publish the testimonial.


Wrap Up – Creating Blog Posts Using Gravity Forms

If you ever need users generated content and don’t want to give site visitors a login consider using gravity forms.

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