Deck The Website With Plugins Of Holly

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so the song tells us.  The majority of us decorate our homes this time of year, why not spruce up your website with some festive cheer.

Deck The Website With Plugins Of Holly

The team at WPDude have been working tirelessly all year, and this does not stop at Christmas, we have scoured the interwebs to bring cheer to your website this Yuletide.

In this post I’ll show you some plugins to add some Christmas bling to your site.

Tinsel Time

Fancy adding a decorative touch to the header of your site, you can with Christmas Ball On Branch.

This plugin adds a tiny splash of festive cheer in the top corner of your site (here is where the kids go Ooooooh! when they see your site).

Click to see full festive feast for the eyes


Snow Balloons And More

It’s does exactly what is says on the tin, is pours festive fun all down your site, want Santas? Got that, want Christmas trees? Check.  The “and more” feels like a special present waiting to be opened.

I imagine the metting went like this”We need Santas ‘n’ shit cascading down the screen”.


Even the most hardened Grinch cannot resist a sing-a-long, why not start the singing off from your website.

Christmas Music plugin plays some jaunty Christmas tunes as people browser your site


Christmas Lights

My own personal favourite and the one I perk up ibraininc.com with is  Xmas lights.  It adds a simple string of gaudy Christmas lights at the top of your site, no untangling, no annoying bulb checks just lashings of Christmas fun.

I don’t care if WPCurve has an entire Nativity scene on the front of their website Margory, we put up these Crumy lights every year and that’s the way it’s going to be, Christmas is about tradition damn it!

I’m deliberately going for a cheap fun look, I like to think if it had audio it would be going Fzzzz as if the bulbs are about to pop:)


Bringing It all Together

And on three ! Two ! One click the video (if only you could hear the music better).

Need More!!!

These are my favourite plugins, but believe me there are more, for a full cast list check out:


Wrap Up

Not very professional I know, but jollying up your website shows to the outside world you can have some fun and injects a little personality into your business, add the screen shots of your decorated website to the comments, the tackiest will get a free website job in 2016.

Merry Christmas!

Photo Credit: donielle via Compfight cc

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