We Do Do Apps

I’m often been asked by clients:

“Do you do apps?”

In the past my answer was always “no” we didn’t have the in-house experience or expertise to develop apps for Iphone, Ipad and all of the Android devices out there.  This is always something I regret having to say.

Apps Are The Future

The more I use apps myself the more important I see them becoming to us as a community than consumes digital information.

We want our info on our devices in a way we can use on our devices, not a cut down website with poor functionality.  We want to swipe and pinch and double tap just like we do on our other apps.

I decided about six months ago that I wanted to offer app development services to my clients to compliment the web development work we do.

I’ve been forming a team behind the scenes of app developers and designers.  And we have been quietly working on a few app projects and it is working really well.

So now when someone asks:

“Do you do apps?”

The answer is:

“Yes, we do do apps!”

There’s An App Inside Everyone

It used to be that there was a novel inside everyone, now whenever I mention app development, everyone has a great app idea inside them, the problem is getting it out and getting it coded, this is the problem we are trying to solve by offering app development services.

Most People Don’t Know Anyone Developing Apps

If you ask someone

“Do you know a website developer”

Most people can refer you, but if you ask:

“Do you know an app developer”

Not many people do know any app developers, it a new growing field, not as widespread as web development yet, but growing.  Hopefully when someone asks or you decide to develop an app you will think of us.

Most People Have No Idea Of The App Development Process

This is another stumbling block, most people simply have no idea how an app is developed, and this brings me to the real crux of this blog post.

I’m running a webinar next week to show potential “Appreneurs” how we develop apps here at wpdude.

If you are interested in the idea of developing your own App and would like to understand the development process, then this webinar is for you.  I’ll show you our process and answer any of your app development questions.

Book Your Seat

The webinar is no cost, but seats are limited to 100, so click on the button below for full details, and I hope to “see” you on the webinar.

 Book Your Seat>>


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