Top Essential Website Features You Can’t Afford to Lose

This is a guest post by Claudia Somerfield

An important aspect of website development plan is to decide which features you are going to incorporate while constructing your website. Identifying these aspects would vary from one niche area based sites to other; however, there are several common features which are a must for every website category. It can be a time taking business to plan your competent website design by keeping all the elements in a careful balanced fashion. But with some of the top essential website features as discussed under, you can arm your site to bring the best outcome for your business. The below are the top essential website features which you cannot afford to miss.

The social sharing buttons

The social media has a great importance in the lives of millions of users. Hence incorporating this feature in your website is imperative. It has the capacity to give your website a better social media exposure. It can help you in rendering a path for visitors to your website to share your content to your plethora of friends. The more the number of share count seen over your site, the more good impression it gives about your website content to new visitors. Lastly, it also acts like an important SEO tool which helps in boosting your rankings over search engines like Google.

The mobile version of your site

With the popularity of devices like smartphones where you are competent to access internet, the mobile website is gaining lots of momentum. People prefer watching different videos, accessing social media, checking emails, etc. over their smartphone devices. Hence considering this paradigm shift, developing a mobile translation of your site right from scratch along with adding several new applications would certainly going to add a new edge to your website. This aspect is among the top feature which you cannot avoid missing in your website thus giving the mobile users an enhanced level experience and eventually increasing your site hits.

Adding up a Blog in your site

By incorporating a blog in your website can help you in boosting the search engine rankings for your site. It also helps you in giving your site content a new edge in terms of regular updates. The search engines like Google simply loves quality and updated content over sites coming via blogs. The content plays a good role in getting links to your site thus helping it promoted in a wide web spectrum. Once you decide to incorporate this important feature to your site, you are supposed to have several things to make your blog effective. These include having a comment scheme, a proper spam protection system, RSS feed, search engine optimized URLs, social sharing buttons, etc. Without having a blog, the quality content over your sites will hardly find its ways to new visitors.

Email subscription

The more big email subscription list you have, the greater is the opportunity you have for your sales conversion. Every website owners aspires from the visitors to buy something which he or she is offering or at least the visitor coming at their site must fill the contact form. However, if a visitor simply walks out without giving his or her contact info then you do not get the chance to contact them. Hence it is important to incorporate this feature by explaining that you would inform the visitors with the latest offers on your products or services in the coming future. In this way, you end up getting response to your email subscription which eventually plays an important role in expediting your sales conversion.

Wrapping up

In order to embark with an effective website design, adding these above discussed features could be called as a must for everyone. These would help you in giving your website a better exposure to your targeted audience irrespective of your website category. Hence at any point of time you cannot afford to miss these features while designing your site.

About The Author: Claudia is a writer. She loves writing, travelling and playing. Recently she did anarticle on website features. These days she is busy to write an article on essential website tricks.

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