The Five Factors of Blog Security


In the past I have worked in corporate IT as a computer auditor and security consultant.

I thought I would take the lesson leanred from “enterpirse class” computing and teach you,the owner and author of a blog, how these principals can be used for a smaller but no less important computer sytem, your pride and joy blog.

When I was auditing big enterprises, the security came in five catagories, they are:

  • Physical Access
  • LogicalAccess
  • Program Change Control
  • Segregation of Duies
  • Continuity of Data Processing

Whilst on first impressions these may not seem appropriate for a blog, I think they are and in a series of posts I would like to take these subjects and show you how to apply them to your blog.

If the security of your blog is compromised your work may be driven off line.  If your blog is used for professional reasons, you risk loosing money.

Over a series of five posts I will be taking you through the five factors of blog security, I hope y0u enjoy this comparison of large computing and the perceived small time activities of bloggers.  Please leave comments if you feel

I start the series tomorrow with a post on logical access control, why not subscribe to my RSS feed to catch all of the episodes.

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