Feck Arse, and Google Cache

Photo by James Cridland
Photo by James Cridland

Imagine the scene, your blog has gone to hell in a hand cart and all of your posts have been lost, your blog backup is FUBAR or you simply don’t have one!


All is not lost, the nice boys and girls at Google may have a solution for you.

Enter The Google Cache

Google holds a cached copy all of your web pages as part of its indexing and analysis process.  Now isn’t that hepful.  If you know how you can recover your lost posts from Google and re-enter them into your blog.

Before you get all overexcited, this will only work for blog posts which have been published and then indexed by Google, so if you loose a brand new posts, it is probably gone, but anything a couple of days old will possbly be there.

Recovering From The Cache

Here is the fun bit, you can recover your lost posts by using some clever search phrases and selecting data from the cache.

Go to Google and type in site:{my domain name} for example site:ibraininc.com

This will bring back a list of all pages indexed by Google for your site.  If you look closely, there is a link marked cache next to each article, click on this and there you have it a copy of your post.


Simple cut and paste the text into a new blog post and  re-publish it.  Take pains to have the permalink in the same format ot avoid duplicated content on the Google index.  The peeps at the Googleplex don’t like that.

From FECK ARSE to WOOT!!! in a few easy steps.

Now Says after Me..

I {enter your name} do hereby swear to take regular backups.

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