How I Find Royalty Free Images For My Blog Posts

I like to add a featured royalty free images to all my blog posts.  I try to find very obscure images that vaguely match what I’m writing about.  It’s a bit of fun for me.

In this post I want to tell you about a service called Compfight that I use to find royalty free images for my posts.

What Is Compfight

Compfight is a search engine for the image storage service Flickr.

Using this tool I can type in a keyword and a range of images are returned, I can scan through them and find the one I want.  I download it and add it as my featured image.

Finding Free Images

Compfight holds images that are free to use and some that are not, so you need to be careful with your search and set the appropriate license.

I’m a commercial user, so I search for images that have a creative commons license like this https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/.

Compfight makes this very each to do, there is filter button where I set commercial (see image below).


In return for using the image, I’m obliged to give attribution to the photographer, again compfight makes this very easy with a cut and paste bit of html I add at the base of all my posts.

See my photo credit link at the base of this post.

How My Search works.

For each post I will look for a keyword in my post, if it can be tongue in cheek all the better, I like to make private jokes with my images.

Today it will be Royalty, my mind immediately jumps to some sort of image of the queen.

I typed in queen, and a playing card came back, I refined my search and this is what I saw.


royalty free images

I click on the image I want and the download and attribution options are shown.

royalty free images

I download my image and upload it to my post.


Compfight also has a plugin so you can do all of this from the comfort of your dashboard, but I prefer going to the main site, the search view I get seems better.

I wrote of review of this plugin here https://ibraininc.com/plugin-review-compfight

Wrap Up – Royalty Free Images

So that’s how I jazz up my posts with Royalty free images.

Photo Credit: tsuihin – TimoStudios via Compfight cc

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