FireBug, A CSS plugin for Firefox

One of the most useful plugins I have ever found is one called Firebug,  Let me quickly qualify this by saying this is a Firefox plugin not a WordPress plugin

What Does FireBug Do?

It gives you a visual representation of the CSS that is used to code your site.  It shows you which css files particular components use.

In other words it is a brilliant tool to help you write and code up WordPress themes.

It’s not the easiest thing to explain so I have recorded a quick screen cast video of me using Firebug where all will (I hope) become clear.

Download Firebug

You can download and install Firebug from this location http://getfirebug.com/

What I Use It For

I use it all the time to edit CSS on clients sites, for example they may come to me and say I want to increase the font size on my sidebar.  Using firebug I would scan through the css, find the item to change, perhaps test the change dynamically in Firebug and then edit the CSS file directly.

Screen Cast Video

[media id=15 width=512 height=384]

Wrap Up

It’s a brilliant tool I use daily on my client’s sites give it a go.

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