Hack Recovery Course

Has Your WordPress Site Been Hacked?

Do You Need Help To Recover And Secure It Again?

 WordPress Hack Recovery Course

I’ve developed this WordPress hack recovery course to teach people how to qiuckly fixed their hacked site, and to secure their site to stop this happening again.

I will take you through a detailed ten step process to methodically and quickly recover your site from a hack attack.

About Me

My name is Neil Matthews, and I’m a WordPress consultant.  I’ve been brought in by clients to fixed hacked WordPress sites on more times than I care to remember.

This course is real world experience transformed into a video course to show you how to fix your hacked site.

Why I built This Course

WordPress sites get hacked, FACT, I’m called in all to often to clean up hacked sites.  It’s very costly to clean up and the act leaves the site owner feeling violated and upset.  I want to combat this problem.

WordPress is not inherently insecure, rather it is a victim of it’s own success.  It is estimated that 13% of the net uses WordPress so there are millions of sites for the hacker to practise on and find vulnerabilities.

There is no hack recovery course on the market, your options are to search the web and piece together a solution, or hire in a consultant for a high cost, this course will fill that gap.

I’m aiming to give you the skills and knowledge to fix your site if you get hacked, or to have the tool set to fix your clients site in the event of an attack.

My Methodology

I will be teaching you the step by step methodology I use to clean up and secure a hacked WordPress site.

This is not a theoretical process, this is what I do when I am called in to clean up a site.  It works, it has been tested many times in the field after real hack attacks and it works.

Course Modules

There will be ten modules in the course, it is incredibly in-depth, this is what you will learn:

Module One: Understanding A Hack Attack

This is the introductory module where I give you a background on why hacks occur, what the nefarious people hope to gain by attacking your site. I will look at why WordPress is so often a victim.

Module Two: Identifying Hacked Files

Module two will show you how to identify that your site had been hacked, and diagnosing the type of hack you have been the victim of.  Once you are armed with this information you can move onto cleaning the site up.

Module Three: Cleaning Up Your WordPress System Files

The first phase of the clean up process is to clean up and re-install a fresh set of WordPress files.  I’ll show you how to ensure you have a clean version and how to remove the old infected version

Module Four: Cleaning Up Your Theme

Malware is often injected into your theme files, I’ll show you how to clean up your sites front end.

Module Five: Cleaning Up Your Plugins

Many hack attacks go pretty deep into your site and find often called plugin files to infect and help spread their malware or hack signature.  I’ll show you how to find and remove these back doors.

Module Six: Cleaning Up The Database

A couple of hacks I have seen also infect the database.  I’ll show you how to spot these hacks and tidy up the database.  As part of this module we will give your database a spring clean to remove any unwanted tables.

Module Seven: Misc Cleanup Items

There are several other small areas where hacks live, these include the .htacces file, wp-config,php, permalink settings, your uploads directory and certain third party scripts like timthumb, I’ll show you how to find and close these loopholes.

Module Eight: Hardening WordPress Security

Now that your site is clean, we need to harden security so the hacker cannot get back in.  I’ll take you through several techniques to make your site a much more difficult nut to crack.  I’ll show you some useful plugins and services too.

Module Nine: Keeping Google Happy

If the malware or hack has been spotted by Google, you can be blacklisted and have your site marked as dangerous.  There are also hack signatures out there that change  your index and list pharmaceuticals instead of your real content (the pharma hack).  I’ll show you how to clean this up and get a thumbs up from Google.

Module Ten: Monitoring for Future Attacks

At this point your site is secured and recovered, but hacks are constantly evolving, I’ll show you how to monitor and be vigilant of your sites security moving forward.

Delivery Method

The course will be delivered via ten self paced video tutorials.

Students will be given instant access to a members only site, where the course modules will be made available to you.

Ongoing Support

I realise that recovering a hacked WordPress site is difficult, that’s why I also offer email support to all courses members.  If you have any issues with your recovery, drop me a support call from the members area, I’ll help all I can.


This course costs $99.

For that you get ten detailed hack recovery modules plus the on-going support during your hack recovery.


If you are not 100% happy with the hack recovery course let me know for a no quibble refund.

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