Have We Reached Peak Podcast?

If you are considering starting a podcast to market your business? I encourage you to read this post, I think we have reached peak podcast.

Peak podcast is a term I’ve concocted from another phase peak oil:

Peak oil, an event based on M. King Hubbert’s theory, is the point in time when the maximum rate of extraction of petroleum is reached, after which the rate of production is expected to enter terminal decline.

I think we have reached a saturation point of podcasts where the ecosystem cannot take any more episodes.  There is not enough attention to go around.

Podcast Engagement

People are starting podcasts because it is a truly amazing way to interact with your audience. No one can deny that, people look forward to their next installment, people make connections with the podcasters on an almost personal level.

If you subscribe to a podcast and listen you are giving your most finite resource time away to the team your time.

And this is why soooo many people are starting podcasts, it is excellent marketing.

Sinking Feeling From Your Feed Reader

I’ve started to get a sinking feeling when I open my feed reader and yet another blogger is changing medium from text to podcast.

I subscribed to your blog to read text, don’t flip medium on me.

Can’t You Just Play It In The Background

Yes I can but when I multi task there  is no real engagement with the content, I miss details and I don’t get the benefit fo the topic being discussed.

Perhaps that’s just me, b ut multi tasking is not something I’m great at. I need to give my whole attention to what I’m listening to.

Podcast Is Not Scannable

There may be an overview of the episode content, but bullet points dont give me the feel for the content, not like scanning a blog post which I can skip over very easily.

I Don’t Have Any More Time For More Podcasts!!

This is the crux of the problem I only have so much time per week to give over to podcasts.

I like to listen to them and engage with the content. I cannot give any one else 30 minutes of my time, my time is already allocated to my wife and kids, my team, my clients and all the other 1001 things we all need to do.

Podcast treats

I consider my podcasting time a treat, I end the week on Friday a little early and I take 60 – 90 minutes of downtime to listen to and enjoy my chosen podcasts.

I limit my podcasting intake to two excellent podcasts,

The Unpodcast 

The Fizzleshow

I’m so deeply engaged with these podcasts I will sh!t in the tall cotton and climb Moron Mountain to listen to their work (see you need to be part of the community to understand that).

These two companies get 90 minutes of my time per week, I buy their stuff I love what they do.

You, as a noob to podcasting why would I give you that time?  How can I create more time for you and  your new podcast?

The answer is I can’t that’s why I’m at peak podcast, and I’m asking are we all at peak podcast?

Over To You

This is just my opinion but I think you have missed the boat on podcasting, there are too many, there is not enough attention left, we are at peak podcast.

What do you think, lets extend this to the comments I would love to hear your take on this.

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