Introducing Premium Headway Leafs

A quick post for all of you using the excellent Headway theme, If you don’t use Headway sorry for the interuption


I have just launched a new site to promote my Headway Leafs over at premiumheadwayleafs.com

What Is A Leaf

A Leaf is a content component which you can place on your pages using the visual editor. Think of leafs as widgets on steroids they can be places anywhere in you design not just on a sidebar,

My Leaves

The leaves I have developed are:

  • Yet Another YouTube Leaf – this allows you to easily add and customise YouTube videos on your site
  • Authorised Users – this leaf allows you to control the content seen by site visitors depending upon whether they are logged on
  • Amazon S3 Secure Link – This allows you to create a secure link to content stored on your Amazon S3 configuration

Skins Coming Soon

Stay tuned next week for an annoucement on a Headway Skins project I have been working on

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