Migrating To WPEngine

I’ve finally bitten the bullet and migrated to a grown up hosting provider (WPEngine) after Bluehost shafted me one time too many.

I am migrating to WP Engine.

Why I Migrated To WPEngine

I was previously using Bluehost and there were three main reasons I moved over:

  1. Site getting closed down with little warning for using too many database tables
  2. Constant downtime, the Jetpack monitor would tell me of outages 2 -3 times per week
  3. Snarky comments from the support team

I went to WP Engine for the excellent security and speed I had seen when moving clients over.

The Migration Process

I’m not going to bang on about the pros or cons of WP Engine, what I really want to highlight in this post is how simple it is to migrate all your content, migration is a real headache and WP Engine has done a great job of making this as easy as possible.

I’ve done a number of manual migrations for clients in the past and it has been a bit of a pain, but there new system is super simple.

Migration is one of the biggest barriers to entry to it makes sense for WP Engine to make the process as smooth as possible.

Install Plugin

The migration process is as simple as installing a plugin, download this from your wpengine account, install it on your existing account.

Populate the plugin with some migrate SFTP details to copy  over your

Sit Back And Migrate

It will take some time to do the migration, it was about an hour for WP Dude, but I did nothing in that time but watch a progress bar.

WP Engines Migration Video

Check out WP Engines migration video to see how simple this process is.


One Small Issue

I did notice one small issue, a number of internal links on my site were pointing to wpdude.wpegine.com the test URL of my site before I migrated my domain, I installed a plugin called Better Search And Replace and did a search and replace (surprisingly) to change then all back, I’ll record a video tutorial soon on better search and replace.

Wrap Up

If you were thinking about moving over to WP Engine, but were wary because of the effort to move over your database and files, don’t be it was super simple and required no technical skill.

WP Engine is  not cheap but it is super fast and secure and their on-boarding was exceptional.



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