One Gentle Touch Point At A Time

I like the way marketing your business through blogging can be a gentle, almost under the radars approach to marketing.

I want to talk about my thoughts on “one gentle touch point at a time”.

One Gentle Touch Point

When you are blogging regularly you get to reach out to your people and gently push them some content.  You get to gently touch base with them weekly, bi-weekly or whatever your blogging schedule is.

This gentle touch to their RSS reader or inbox via email is one of the winning components of blogging as a business marketing strategy.

Non-Pushy Marketing

The reach of your blog post is determined by people who have signed up for your RSS or email list, the people on your social media followings or people who find you through a search they generate.  People give permission to read your content.

Your blog post is not telemarketing, it’s not unwanted direct mail.  It’s not ads between your favourite show or house to house cold calling.  It is something you create release and allow people to consume in a way that is appealing to them.

So all marketing via blogging is by default non-pushy.  If the people on the other end of your content are not happy with you any more  they can simply unsubscribe and move on. Once the permission element of a subscription is removed you are not forced to consume more content like the interrupting phone calls of junk mail that is forced upon us.

Slowly Building Authority

As you gently touch people over time you are growing your authority on an incremental basis.

If what you blog about resonates with people they stay and read more. The more they read, the more they are convinced you know what you are talking about.

Being In People Forethought

If you are making these regular gentle touches, you are constantly in the forethought of people’s minds.  Do it often enough and when the timing is right for “your people”  to hire someone that sells or does “your thing” you will be the go to person.

I see this on a regular basis.  When I send out my weekly email there is nearly always a reply along hte lines of

“Neil, just seen you post really enjoyed it, can you give me a quote for WordPress technical support for XYZ”

 Add Value Not Ads

When you ad value to people rather than simply dumping ads on them you build a level of trust that cannot be bought. Helping people solve their problems, educating them and, at the same time , highlighting your paid offerings is a great way to do business.

I’m in the very weird position of being a techie in the UK running a small computer consultancy who also has an audience of people who consume what I write!  That is the beauty of blogging.

What Do You Think?

Is the slow drip feed of quality content and the constant gentle touches a good way to run a business or are the brutal in your face methods best?  Let’s talk about it in the comments.

It’s not a fast way to market your business, but once you have the traction and audience it’s an exceptional free way to build a brand.

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