An Open Letter To Hosting Companies Of Hacked Site Owners

I get called in a lot to fixed hacked sites.  Here is An Open Letter To Hosting Companies Of Hacked Site Owners

I loath something almost as much as the hackers that perpetrated the crime and that is the way hosting companies treat people with hacked sites.

Here’s an open letter to all stroppy hosting companies out there from the point of view of a normal site owner who has been hacked.

Dear Hosting Company

Thank you for suspending my account after I was hacked,that is really helpful way to make me feel special. You are taking my site down, I’m losing business and you are making me feel like I’m the bad person.

I of course did not ask the hackers to attack my site so thank you for the threatening email saying you are going to kick me out if I don’t fix it immediately.

Thanks for making me jump through technical hoops so many times that I had to hire a techie to make things work again.

Thanks for the interrogation by your representative via Live Chat to make sure everything was fixed.  Perhaps you could have helped me to do this.  I have no idea what a .htpasswd file it or how to add basic authentication to my webroot.

I was a victim of a hack attack.,

It sucks.

I feel vulnerable

Some unknown fuckwit in cyber space came after me for whatever reason and defiled my site.

Thanks for making me feel even shittier with your emails and accusations.

Oh BTW it was probably due to your poor  security that the hacker gained access in the first place. Can I review the access logs, what do you mean no they are private.  Can you review the access logs and tell me how the hacker got in …… hello anyone there?

The majority of your customers are none technical.  They have a website to market their business or send news to their club.  They are not trained in the dark arts of cyber security.  They came to you to host their site with the understanding it would be secure.

Thanks again for making a bad situation of teh hack even worse.

Love and Hugs

Your Customer – remember the person that pays to keep the lights on

P.S. Can I have my transfer code so I can go somewhere my business will be appreciated.

An Open Letter To Hosting Companies Of Hacked Site Owners

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