Performance Tuning Course Is Go

I wrote a post  last week asking if people are interested in a WordPress performance tuning course, to learn how to speed up a slow  loading site.  It looks like that course has been given the green light.

I’m planning to teach people the process I use to speed up slow sites.  Go and check out the post now if you missed it I’ll wait here for you WordPress Performance Tuning Course

I had a lot of response to the post and the email I sent out, so the course has been given the green light.

Format Survey

Before I start work on the content and inviting people to join me, I want to know what you think the best format for a course is.

I can offer the course in the following formats:

  • Live webinar
  • Self paced video tutorials
  • Self paced video plus Q & A webinar
  • Self paced video plus members only forum for questions
  • E-Book
  • Audio program
A note on webinars, timezone differences sometime cause issues with people wanting to join a live event, I’m based in the UK and I do webinars between 7pm-8pm which is the following times in other areas
  • Pacific Timezone USA – 11am – 12pm
  • Eastern Timezone USA – 2pm-3pm
  • Sydney Australia – 5am-6am
If you cannot attend for work reasons, or that it is stupid-o-clock where you live go for one of the self paced options.

Free Seat On Course

I’m running a competition alongside my survey and the winner will get a free seat on the new course.  I’m asking you to simply answer the following question:

Explain why this training will help you

I’ll review the replies and the best answer will get a free seat on the course.

Take The Survey & Enter The Competition


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