Performance Tuning Workshop Available To Download

If you were not able to join my live performance tuning workshop of Thursday, all it not lost, I have a recording of the workshop available to download and watch in your own time.

The live session was great and the feedback from the people who attended was that the workshop was really helpful with lots of information to help speed up people’s sites. Many of the attendees have already gained speed improvements using my methodology.

In the live session we reduced site load time from 12 seconds down to 2.5 seconds.

Why Performance Is Important

If your WordPress site is running slowly you could be impacting your business in a number of ways. Performance is important for two key reasons:

User Satisfaction – if you site loads slowly, your site visitors will become frustrated and click away before you can present your call to action to them.

Search Engine Rankings – site load speed is one of the factors which helps to rank your site, a slow running site will not rank as well as a speedy site regardless of your content.

What’s In The Workshop?

You will learn my methodology for performance tuning your site, this is what I do when I’m speeding up my clients sites, it’s tested in the field and really works.

My Methodology

I will be teaching the performance tuning methodology I use to fix my clients slow loading site, this includes:

Baselining performance

You need to know how fast your site is running so you can monitor your improvements as you performance tune your site, I will show you the tools I use to see how long a site takes to load and where the bottlenecks are.

Minimising overhead of plugins & Themes

A bloated site with slow running themes and many plugins is a slow running site, this is the first stop on performance tuning your site.  I will show you how to rule out theme  and plugins as bottlenecks, and how to audit and tidy up plugin database debris.

Checking Memory Allocation

Does you site have enough memory available to it? I will show you how to diagnose memory bottlenecks and how to increase available memory.

Installing and configuring Caching

I will take you through the process if installing and configuring caching on your site to minimise the number of times a page needs to be build from scratch.  This will include

  • Page caching
  • Object caching
  • Database caching
  • Parallelising with a CDN (translation server up your content from multiple locations so it is streamed in parallel not serially)
  • Browser caching & compression with gzip
  • Minifying javascript and css files (translation make your javascript and css smaller and more streamlined)

Hosting Considerations

Some hosting packages are just not up to the job, I will take you through identifying your hosting package as the bottleneck to site performance


The workshop was part presentation, part screen cast of me fixing the performance of a slow test site.


As this is a complex topic I am also offering support to anyone who buys the workshop via a members only forum.


The workshop costs $77, for that you get over an hours worth of performance tuning training, support from me in the members only forum, and access to downloads.


The workshop comes with a no quibble guarantee, if you are not happy let me know and you can have your money back.

Get Instant Access Now

Click on the link below, make your payment and you will be redirect to a members only part of my site where you can watch the video and get the downloads.

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