Plugin Review: In Post Ads

I’m running  another of my experiments to lure site visitors into my sales funnel.  I though I would share the details with you.

I’m using a premium plugin called In Post Ads to position references to my WordPress technical support links automatically into every post I write.

In Post Ads places an ad automatically inside of your posts.

I have it setup to display an ad every four paragraphs, so hopefully it’s going to drop in right below this line.

 How It Works

You setup a custom post type of an in post ad, you can have one or many, and make them dispaly randomly throughout your posts.

You can rotate multiple ads to see which one works the best.

You can also limit ads to only display in certain categories of posts.

There are various themes you can use on your ads to change the look and feel.

Lastly you can disable in post ads on a per post basis.  I found this very useful on certain video posts I have in place.

How I Use It

I’ve got an in post ad every four paragraphs in a contrasting colour and outline to highlight my services page.

Other Uses

You could of course use it to link offsite to affiliate ads, to your products or even as an email sign-up form, I think that would be very effective if you set it a long way down the post.

Premium Plugin

This is a premium plugin from the wpmudev people and it costs $19 for a single purchase, or you can take out their membership and get this (and all their other plugins) for a recurring fee of $79.  I went for the one off purchase.

Testing Performance With Google

I’m testing the performance of individual ads with Google  Analytics and their events system, I wrote a post all about this here Monitoring Banner Ad Performance.

I’m creating new ads and testing various aspects of the plugin, but I’m finding that a subtle contrast makes for better results.

I’m seeing a steady stream of click through from the ads,  and from my limited analytics, it is performing much better than my sidebar ads.

What Do You Think?

Do you find this type of in post ad annoying, or is it just another ad you will grow blind to in due course.

The internet marketing community is rushing ahead of itself to find the next new device to snag attention, popups, gateways, the list goes on.  Do we need to slow down and start building in a methodical manner rather than grabbing at the latest new trick?  Let me know in the comments.

Check it out In Post Ads

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