Plugin Review: Serverbuddy

One of my favourite techie plugins is serverbuddy.  This excellent little plugin collects a load of information from your hosting and WordPress config

What Does It Do?

Serverbuddy collects a series of server configurations from your hosting setup and makes them available for you to review them.

This is very handy if you are troubleshooting setup configuration issues such as out of memory problems.

It also gives you a dashboard and highlights any problematic configurations it finds, the dashboards and ranks them like a traffic light green being good, yellow being suspect and red as a problem (see screen dump).


Click for full size image

How I Use It

I use it in a number of ways, here are the main things I do

  • Memory Usage and Available Memory
  • Quick security check on file permissions
  • Check The PHP config of a client site
  • Check the cron for upcoming items.

Get A Copy Of ServerBuddy

Serverbuddy is a free plugin from the premium plugin shop http://pluginbuddy.com, you can download the plugin from the WordPress.org plugin repository at:


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