Plugin Review: WP-Overview

This one is for the techies out there, WP-Overview is an excellent plugin which give you an overview of the memory usage and configuration of your site.  This in turn helps you to diagnose any problem you may be having.

What It Does

Once you have installed WP_Overview it give you a new dashboard widget which gives you a point in time report on memory usage, and various other configuration options for your site.

Download WP-Overview

You can get a copy of wp-overview from the following URL



There is no special inssallation instructions for this plugin simply upload or search for wp-overview

Here’s What You Get.

Here is a screenshot of wp-overview from my site.  I’ve blank out some of the sensitive information

Click on image for full size view

How I Use WP-Overview

I use it on performance or memory troubleshooting projects.  This give me a feel for the available memory and how much is being allocated to WordPress.

WP Troubleshooting

There will be a detailed video on using wp-overview in my WP Troubleshooting course along with detailed instructions on how to diagnose memory errors.

Image by wilcozpics

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