POLL RESULT: Are You Integrating Your Blog With Twitter?

Photo By a Barber Shop
Photo By a Barber Shop

I have been running a poll this week on my blog (and on Twitter) asking the question, are you integrating your blog with twitter?

The results were quite interesting, approximately 50% of respondants were already integrating their blog posts into twitter using plugins, another 50% were looking into how to do this, and one grumpy Guss said NO, I’m not integrating.

So with this in mind, in the very near future I will be writing the definitive guide  (not to put too much pressure on my shoulders) on how to integrate your blog with twitter.  Post to tweets, tweets to posts, widgets full of Twittering and a bonus guide on how to integrate all of  this into your facebook account.

Stuff that one one in your pipe and smoke it 🙂

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