I’m very pleased to annouce that a new joint venture between myself and Jonathan and Lea Woodward of Kinetiva and Location Indepenent fame has been launched, and that is our new site PremiumHeadwaySkins.com is now live.

What Is Premium Headway Skins

This is our new site to promote and sell Skins for the Headway wordpress theme.  Jonathan, Ace Designer is Cheif crafted the sites, and myself as Admiral Top Techie coded the sites.

It’s a great match of skills, I cannot design for toffee, but I am pretty good at all that coding stuff.

What Is A Skin

A skin custom design which sits on top of the Headway theme.

Why Do I Need A Skin

The trouble with the excellent framework themes such as Headway and Thesis is that unless you have a certain level of coding skill, you site can look like any number of other sites.  A skin takes the hard work of coding up a custom theme and packages it in a simple to use format.

You get a unique design plus the excellent features of the framwork theme.

Our Skins

We have gone live with two skins, with a third in production.  The first is designed for people selling professional services, we have two colour versions and some very slick design elements.

The second is a single page sales letter for people sellling digital products.  We have designs for memberships sites, ebooks and audio products in three colour schemes.

Get A Skin Today

Please visit our site and let us know what you think. PremiumHeadwaySkins.com

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