Refreshing Your Feedburner Feed

Have you ever put something out there on your blog and realised it was a mistake.  You quickly delete it and think all is well, only to find that the mistaken post has appeared in your Feedburner feed and you cannot get rid of it.

This of course would never happen to a professional like me ehemmmm, I would not for example import the entire contents of my premium members only site the WP Owners Club  into my public site here at ibraininc.com (yes I really did that, note to self close all the damn browser windows you idiot).

The Ooops Moment

I was having my regular morning check in with my RSS feeds to read all the interesting stuff people are publishing only to see about a dozen entries from ibraininc.com which should not be there.

I had deleted the posts as soon as I noticed they were on the wrong blog, but feedburner had them and was airing my dirty laundry in public.

How To Get Your Posts Out Of Feedburner

I see this all the time, people publish test posts, or things they probably didn’t want the world to see.  Once it’s in the feed and cached by feedburner even if you delete the post it is still there for the world to see.

Luckily there is a solution.

Resyncing Your Feed

If you login to your feedburner account and go to Troubleshootize, there is a big old resync button towards the bottom of the page.

Click on the button and Feedburner will go off and refresh your RSS feed.

Click for full size image

Other Things You Can Do

A couple of other things you may want to think about.  If you have a cache plugin, disable this before doing the refresh just in case RSS is cached.

You can force WordPress to republish the RSS feed by going to settings-> reading and changing Syndication feeds show the most recent  to a different number.

Twiddling Fingers

As I write this my posts are still in the feed, ti takes a little time to refresh them, don’t panic they will go.



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