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This is a guest post by Tommy Bussey The SEO Coach

Social media is truly changing the way things are done online. Companies are beginning to truly wake up to the idea that it’s not enough anymore to just broadcast a message to an audience, and today, being successful on the web is all about how well you engage people in dynamic dialogue, which is driven by contributing to conversations, participating, and influencing the buzz that is going around for merging trends. So what makes for great share worthy content?

You need to offer value to your content. Anytime that somebody sees something on Twitter and Facebook that they find interesting, funny, or something that enlightened them, then you offer them value to your posts, and there’s a good chance that they’re going to want to like it or re-tweet it. What you will want to be able to do is to create content that breaks news, gives surprises, sheds light on a confusing and complex subject, as well as being able to create amusing content. So what are you doing to make sure that your content that you’re putting on your website is going to benefit your audience, and offer value to them?

Your content must create investment, and we know that content that is user generated is not just a way that we are able to keep copyrighting overheads low. From site additions that are very simple such as guest blog posts, to things that are more technical, such as forums that are created for users, or content that gives advice and opinions from customers, the more that you’re able to make your users feel like they have contributed content in some way, the more they are going to feel invested, and the more likely they’re going to continue to share the conversation.

When people come to your site, you need to know where they came from, and you need to know where they land. Once you know where they are landing and where they came from, you should discover what they are doing next, and which types of content are holding their attention for the longest amount of time. At any given time, you need to be able answer these questions confidently: what does your customer base respond to, and what generates the highest level of engagement on your content?

Staying relevant is extremely important for share worthy content, and clearly, social media monitoring has many applications for your own brand, and by tracking keywords, you can answer many different questions that will help keep your content relevant to your readers. You need to know what is interesting to your target audience, and you need to know the questions and the concerns that are growing around in your industry.

Creating share worthy content is something that will rarely remain static for very long. You’re content may be relevant for weeks, days, hours, and truly could even be minutes before the conversation shifts, or develops, giving you a whole new light on your content strategy. Conversations are dynamic, they are ongoing, and they are very exciting. Your content strategy needs to be the same as this.

This is a guest post by Tommy Bussey The SEO Coach

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