1Shopping Cart and WishList Member

This post will be of interest to those of you using the WishList member plugin (WLM) and the 1Shopping Cart (1SC).

1SC has announced that they have changed the way their recurring payments work, and this will enable a much tighter integration with WLM.

The Current problem

1SC only provides what WLM call a simple integration.  This means that there is no notification back to your site if the 1SC recurring payment is cancelled.

When someone cancels a membership, you need to manually remove them from the WLM system, as you can imagine if you have a decent sized membership site this overhead can be quiet a burden.

What 1Shopping Cart Are Saying

Here is the notification I was sent from 1SC

Professional Cart Solutions is extremely pleased to announce the release of the long anticipated re-write of our Recurring Billing engine.

Our engineers have been diligently working on improving this feature over the past year, and now we are ready to launch!

The V2 Recurring billing engine will look and function exactly the same as the current and familiar tool, but watch for the following enhancements:

  • Faster, more reliable processing
  • Receive recurring orders on both the Desktop and Mobile Notifiers
  • Access to recurring orders through the API
  • Ability to retrieve notifications of recurring orders through the API

We will begin migrating users to the new recurring billing system as of August 10th, 2010; your account will be migrated on or after that date. Note that this change will be seamless and there will be no disruption to your recurring billing.

For those who have been inquiring about an integration between our system and WishList Member, you will be particularly happy to know that this release is the final step in their integration with our service.

Due to impending changes in the policies of major credit card providers, we must also inform you of the deprecation of the “Update Payment Information for all Recurring Events” feature. This is comes as a result of a decision by the Payment Card Industry deeming any non-customer initiated payment changes as unacceptable.

When Will THis Integration Happen

I don;t have any details from WLM on the time the re-code will take, what I recommend is that you keep any eye on the news page from WLM http://wishlistproducts.com/category/news/

You should also keep an eye on your WLM dashboard, this will alert you when new versions of the plugin are available, they do not update through the normal plugin route because it is a premium product.

Hat Tip

A big hat tip to Jenna Avery for giving me the heads up on this update.

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