neil-matthews.com Launched

I’m going a little off topic in this newsletter, apologies if this is of no interest.

I have launched a new project that may be of interest to some readers of ibraininc.com and I want to let you know all about it.

My new blog is called neil-matthews.com and, as the name suggests it is a much more personal project where I can step out from behind the wpdude brand and talk about things none-WordPress.

I will be writing about the the tools. tips and techniques you need to employ to market, grow and run an online service business.  I will be drawing upon the experience I have gained building ibraininc.com and my WordPress technical support and coaching services.

I’ve got a lot of information I want to share that just doesn’t sit under a WordPress umbrella, so if you are looking for information to help you grow your business please check out my new site.

I am also starting an “Inner Circle” group coaching program to help people who want to go deeper with me and find out how build and grow their own online services business.

Please take a visit at: neil-matthews.com

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