Start 2013 With A New Custom Theme

Start 2013 with a brand new custom look and feel for your WordPress site.

Have you ever wanted a custom theme for you WordPress site, in this post I will talk about a new service for design I’ve found and how you can use our development skills to make that site a real live WordPress theme.

I’ve worked with a couple of clients who have used this service and the designs were great plus the output for my development team was first class.

Create a custom design

We don’t offer custom design services here at WPDude. but we have partnered with our friends at DesignContest.com to help you get the custom theme of your dreams.

How Design Contest Works

You submit your brief to Design Contest, then the designers there will compete to win your business.  You will see multiple designs, based upon your brief, then simply choose the one you love.

It’s risk free you only pay if a design you want is created for you.   Designs start at $499

Go check out their site for more details DesignContest.com

From Design To Custom Theme

This is where we come in, once you have your winning design from design Contest, pass it over to us and we can make it into an actual WordPress site.   We will:

  • Setup a development environment on dev.ibraininc.com/yourproject, copying over all of your existing post and pages so you can see your site develop with real content.
  • Build out the theme to your new design.
  • Involve you at all stages to test and approve the site
  • Once you are happy we will make it live on your live domain name
  • Test again to make sure everything is as expected.
  • Provide any training or support you need to get the most from your new custom site.

If you already have a design we can do this without the help of Design Contest.

What It Costs

We are having a New Year special, all new site builds come at the fixed price of $999. Note this does not include the Design Contest costs.

Paypal Bill Me Later

Any custom work you commission is not cheap,  as you can see from the costs above, that is why I have teamed up with Paypal and their Bill me Later program. Using this feature of Paypal you can spread the cost of your new theme over six months at 0% APR (I sound like a car salesman 🙂 ) .  So if you want a custom theme but think the cost is prohibitive, you can use this service.

Limited Number

Building custom themes takes a lot of time, so we can only take on a small number per month.  If you are interested in a new theme for the new year, let us know from the form below and we will start the process.

We will work with you to get the design you want via designcontest.com  as your project manager, then make it a real life theme.

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