Survey: Would A Forum Be Of Use

I would just like to perform a quick survey of the readers of wpdude.  I would appreciate 20 seconds of your time to complete the survey

Helping Intermediate/Advanced Users

The majority of the products and services I have here are for beginners or for people wanting to hand over the support of their site to me.

I know from other feedback that there are a number of more advanced WordPress users also reading my blog and I was wondering how I can help that segment of my readership.

My idea is to create a members only forum for more advanced users where they can get WordPress support from me to find solutions to the problems you are having.

This would obviously take a lot of my time so I would need to charge a membership fee.  I am thinking that founder members of the community could get forum support from me for $15 per month.

Feedback Please.

Please complete the survey below and let me know if this is of interest to you.

[gravityform id=56 name=WPDudeForum]

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