Time Travelling With WordPress

Sometimes you want to add some content to your blog, and you don’t want it to appear on your front page.  Here is a time travelling tip for wordpress.

Why The Fudge Would I want To Bury Content?

You may not want content to appear on your front page for a number of reasons:

  • It is supplemental to your blog, not a main post
  • It’s an update to an old post
  • You may publish date specific posts
  • You want to pretend you blog is older than it is 🙂
  • How the heck do I know it’s your blog, I am sure you can see a need

My example is, I was creating members only content on my site and I did not want it to appear on the main page, to distract none members, so I buried in the archives.

Use Your WordPress Tardis

For those of you who do not follow Dr Who, the Tardis is a time travelling machine, and WordPress comes complete with it’s own tardis so you can make post appear back in history.

Add Your Content in The Normal Way

To take advantage of this trick, create your post in the normal way and save it as a draft.

Here’s The Trick

There is a little box called publish immediately under the save draft button, click on that and a time and date of publication is shown.

You can set a post to be published in the past, and it drops into your archives and off the front page.  Neat-o!

The WordPress Tardis Can Take You Forward In Time

I wrote a post about time travelling to the future with wordpress here Write Now Post later

I’m Off To Defeat the Daleks

If you want to mess about with your blog’s time space continuum this is a great trick.

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