Take Out The Trash

There is a new function in WordPress that has been causing me some headaches, and I want to spare you the same grief.

Here’s how my story begins

I was deleting a page on my site, with the idea of completely recreating it with new content.

I deleted the page, and began to create a new one only to find the post name was being appended with -2 for example contact-2, I could not for the life of me work out why this was happening, I tried deleting the page again and recreating it, I was banging my head against a brick wall, when I noticed a new link on my edit pages section:

Since When Was There A Trash Can in WordPress?

I am not sure when this trash can was added, I think it was in 2.9.x.  Please leave a comment if I have been dim and trash has been around for an age.

My problem was that a reference to the page I wanted to create was still there, the page had been moved to trash awaiting the final step of me emptying the trash can.  Arrghhh!! nearly one hour chasing my tail.

Recover From Trash

In the same way you can recover deleted files from your mac or PC by recovering items from trash you can now recover deleted post and pages from the trash if you are a bit too click happy with the delete button.

A cool new feature, as long as you know it is there and what repercussions it will create.

The Dizzy Highs and Lows of WordPress Admin

If you are having weird issues with duplicate names when creating pages and posts, have a quick look in trash, this may be the root of your problem.

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