Using Twitter As A Testimonial Engine

I’ve just found a nifty thing about twitter in Jade Cravens Twitter mini guide (aff) and thought I would share it.

Not a lot of people know this but you can store up certain tweets in your twitter feed and use them as a type of testimonial list

The Favourite Function

When you mark a tweet as a favourite it is stored in a permanent store against your twitter account, you can then direct people to that URL and use people’s comments as a series of 140 character testimonials.

Your Testominal Engine URL

If you go to http://twitter.com/{YOURID}/favourites you can get a list of tweets that you have marked as a favourite.

How To Create A Testimonial Engine

Every time you get constructive feedback via a tweet from a customer or client, simply mark this as a favourite.   How you do this depends upon your twitter clients, for example I use tweetdeck and there is a favourite menu option.

From twitter.com, when you hover over a tweet, a favourite icon appears to click.

Why Haven’t I Been Doing This For Years

Doh! I would have a testimonials list as long as my arm.  Here are the few I have collected recently


It’s Easy To Get Tweetstermonials

I just made that up, I should register that domain name and make my millions.

If you ask your clients for testimonials (you are asking your client for testimonials aren’t you) there may be some resistance to knock up half a page of copy, but a 140 char tweet takes no time so there is less resistance.

Can I Have A Tweetstermonial Please

If we have worked together recently or you like the content I produce jump onto twitter and send me a tweet @wpdude and I will add you to my tweetstermonials list.

For more great Twitter tips, check out Jade Craven’s Twitter Mini Guide (aff)

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