Webinar: How To Backup A WordPress Site

One of the problems I see with many people’s WordPress site is that the do not do a backup or they do not do a complete backup.  It’s often overlooked and it’s not until that stomach churning moment when you need to restore yoru site do you realise your archive does not existing or is incomplete.

Join my no cost webinar to learn how to backup your site correctly.  Seats are limited so join now

Wednesday 10th November 10-11am Pacific, 1-20pm Eastern and 6-7 UK (duration 30 mins)

Learn how to correctly backup your WordPress Site on my webinar, I will show you

  • Why a backup is important
  • What Needs to be backed up
  • How to backup A WordPress site
  • Demo
  • The WP Owners Club
  • Q & A


This is a free sample of the coaching work I am doing in my members only site the wp owners club, try the coaching format to see if it suits you.

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