WordPress 2.8 Upgrade Webinar

Image by wpdude (can't you tell)
Image by wpdude (can't you tell)

The latest version of WordPress version 2.8 is due for release any time now.  I am being vague about the date because so are the developers, on their site is says 2.8 is due for release on April xxth 2009.  Full details of the release can be seen at:


Learn How To Upgrade to WordPress 2.8

I will be offering a Webinar showing you exactly how to upgrade your installation of WordPress and more importantly how to backup and recover your blog in case of problems.

I will also discuss the main new features of the upgrade.

When Is It?

I will be running the Webinar on April xxth plus a couple of days :).  I am not 100% sure when that will be, but I will try to schedule it mid week as soon after the release as possible.

How Much Is It?

It’s free, but I may do a soft sell on you at the of the session 🙂

Reserve A Place

To reserve a place, drop your email address into the form below and I will contact you once the final release date has been made.


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