WordPress Is Classic 80/20

I’m a big believer in the Pareto Principle (The 80/20 Rule) which says that 20% of your effort brings you 80% of your results.  Learn why i think WordPress Is Classic 80/20

I think using WordPress is a classic case of this principle when developing a website.

If you spend 20% of your website design and development effort on selecting WordPress and using the community that surrounds it, you will get 80% of what is needed to build a website with minimum effort.

Web Design

You don;t need go be a graphical design guru to have an amazing looking WordPress site.

You don’t need to hire the same person described above and their expensive price tag.

All you need is a few tens of dollars investment in a great looking premium theme.  Install it and configure it and hey presto a cool looking site.  20% of effort goes on finding a theme rather than developing and designing it.

Web Development

If you have a functional need for your website, 9 times out of 10 there is a plugin to fix your problem.

Why code up a solution yourself when the WordPress community has already done it for you.  If you spend a little bit of effort researching and testing plugins it takes away the need to custom code for most website problems you will encounter.

 Training & Support

First up WordPress is pretty intuitive even to a none technical person.  If you can use a word processor you can add new content to a WordPress site.

There is a huge community out there supporting and supplying training ans support on WordPress, much of it completely free.

A quick google and you can find a training video on youtube or a support request which will solve your problem.

Because WordPress is so widely used, there is a good chance somone has created a documented soluttion to your problem.


This used to be a huge issue on the early days of the web, but since about 17% of the web is made of WordPress, everyone is clamouring to make their services and products compatible with WordPress not the other way around.

Future Proof

Ill not stick my neck out tooooo far, but I can say with a certain level of confidence that WordPress will be around for some time.

The investment you make in building a website on WordPress is not one that will disappear over night, it will return that time and money investment for years to come.

 What About The 80%

Ah, that’s where we come in, the 80% is where you need technical skills, know how to code in php or understand mysql.

Rather than tackling the 80% of effort that goes into build a wordpress site why not outsource it to us to do it for you and you have the best of both worlds.

We have a great range of WordPress maintenance packages or we can provide a quote for a one off project.

Wrap up – WordPress Is Classic 80/20

Checkout out our WordPress technical support page now for the tricky 80%.

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