Plugin Review: WordPress Editorial Calendar

I would like to give you a review of the WordPress editorial calendar,  an excellent new plugin I’m using.  Download it at the following URL WordPress Editorial Calendar

WordPress editorial calendar; What Does It Do?

The WordPress editorial calendar allows you to setup a schedule of posts to publish or write in the future.  It also allows you to create a schedule of posts that are in outline or draft that you intend to write at a later date.

A new tab is added to the posts menu called calendar, and underneath that you have a wordpress editorial calendar layout of posts, these can be draft, scheduled or published.  You can editr you posts from this screen but I don’t recommend this, rather use editorial calendar as a drafting tool and edit your posts from the normal post editor.

The Problem Is Solves

I often get excellent ideas for a blog post and I immediately drop it into WordPress as a draft post, it will sit there for some time and often it is forgotten about.

Once it drops off the front page of the list of posts, that idea is lost, but with editorial calendar I can set a time when I want to write that post and I’m reminded about it from the visual editor.

I can drag and drop my ideas to different dates if I change my mind, a great post publishing tool all in all.

If you have time sensitive offers or content that needs to go out at a particular time of the year the WordPress editorial calendar will be an excellent tool for you.

Imagine sitting down at the start of the year and planning out all of your content and dropping it into the editorial calendar.

Here’s What It Looks Like

Click for full size image

How I’ve Been Using It

I use it to draft out an idea, and drop it into a publishing slot, you can then spread your ideas out over a period of time.

I brainstorm lots of posts and leave them as drafts and the trouble I have is that they drop off the front page of the post editor and they are lost.

I have not been scheduling my posts through it, but I can see how that would be very useful if I had time sensitive content that I could write now and drop into a calendar in the future (of course you can also use the schedule date function on the normal post editor).

Get A Copy

Editorial calendar is a free plugin available at the plugin repository at this URL


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