WordPress Multisite WorkShop

Did you know that WordPress has an in-built function which allows you to run multiple sites from one install of WordPress? This is called WordPress multisite.

The beauty of this functionality is that you can have multiple sites, but only one set of WordPress code, plugins and themes. You can greatly reduce your maintenance burden if you have lots of sites update and administer.

I’m running a webinar this week to introduce people to WordPress multisite. I will cover the following topics.

  • What Is Multisite
  • Building a network
  • Network models
  • Domain mapping
  • Managing your new sites
  • Network themes and plugins
  • The super admin user
  • Q & A

This webinar is part of my members only WordPress training and support community the WP Owners Club.

I would like to give you a 14 day free trial of the WP Owners Club so you can attend the multisite webinar and test drive the rest of the members benefits at no cost.

For full details of the WP Owners Club including how to sign up for your free trial go to


I hope to see you in the club house.

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